Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

Any specific questions relating to enrolment please contact the school directly using the contact details provided.

Please click on the image below for up to date information on enrolment boundaries at Aveley Primary School

Aveley Primary School Intake Map

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Enrolment Information for Parents

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  1. Hello. Do you have a 3 year old programme? My daughter turned 3 of November 2012 and are looking at placing her in a 3 year old programme? Thank you

  2. Hi I Live in Tokara Avenue Henley Brook and was wondering when you are taking kindy enrollments for next year.I have a 3 year old due to go to kindy next year.
    Melissa Maithya

    1. We are already taking expressions of interest for 2013, to post your interest you will need your child’s immunisation record, a utility bill with your address on and their original birth certificate. Bring these documents into the office and fill out the forms. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

  3. Hi
    I live on Manila way Aveley, can you please advise me if we are within the boundaries to send our children to your school? Thanks

    Also if my son is 4 in July next year, can he start school next year?

  4. Hi
    I live on Tramontane Approach, Dayton, can you please advise me if we are within the boundaries to send our children to your school?

  5. Looking to move into the area. My daughter is year 2. Our address will be Whitehart entrance Aveley. Does this fall within your boundaries and what are our chances of a placement?

    Thank you

  6. Hello, I am looking to move to the area later in the year. Have son in kindy now, but coming to do Pre primary next year 2015. As I do not have firm address as yet, can I fill out a form or something to sort of reserve a spot for 2015?? When would i need to complete this by? Thankyou

    1. Have you bought a block of land in our catchment? Either way you can fill in an expression of interest. Evidence of your address (once you have it) will be required before the enrollment can be completed.

  7. Hello there,
    Will be moving in Aveley (Noctis Way) early 2015.
    Would like to know if our son got a chance to enter Year 5.
    Kindly confirm.
    Many thanks.

  8. Hi I live on Farrier Terrace Henley Brook and am looking at year 2 for my son. We are just off from Gnangara Road and would love for our son to attend your school

  9. Hi my son is almost 3 was wondering when I can enrol him into the kindy and
    Also does Flaxen street Aveley fall in your boundaries? Thank you

    1. Hi, Flaxen Street is definitely in out catchment, in relation to when your son can start we would need to know his date of birth. If you want to pop into the school office they will be able to give you all the information you need. If he is almost three I would guess (would need confirming) he would be due to start kindy in 2016.

      1. Thank you so much for replying so soon I will be in touch with the school soon regarding when to start an application.

  10. Hi,
    My son is due to turn 3 on the 14th June this year so would be looking at enrolling him in kindy for 2016. We are currently building- our address is banbury way, Aveley. Would you please advise if we fall in your catchment and how do we enrol?
    Thankyou 🙂

  11. Hi my son will be turning 3 in May this year so we would be looking at enrolling him for kindy 2016. We are currently building in Brabham on Shipley Street do we fall in your catchment area it appears that we fall in Ellenbrook Primary catchment however Averley Primary is a lot closer to us and there doesn’t seem to be any other primary schools in the area.

    1. Hi unfortunately, the address isn’t in our catchment area. There are two possibilities that I am aware of, those are Ellenbrook and Caversham. If you check with them they will be able to tell you if you are in their respective catchment areas.

      1. Hi Adam thank you for the reply, is there any considerations for people who live only slightly outside the boundary line?

  12. Hi, do you hold an open day? How far in advance could I enrol my son? He is 4 in November 2016.

    Can you confirm that Barbarigo Bend is within your catchment?

  13. Hi,
    I’m interested to enrol my daughter who will be 4 in December to a 3 days/week kindergarten program. We live on Boorara Road Ellenbrook. Do you have fixed days enrolment or alternative days for attending?
    Thank you,

    1. Unfortunately Boorara Way is not in our catchment area. However, as Kindy child you can enroll out of boundary. Unfortunately the same will not apply when the child reaches pre primary.

    1. Hi Taryn,

      Kindy Enrolments usually take place around July of the year preceding. You are welcome to submit an Expression of Interest at anytime but this must be accompanied by your son’s birth certificate, current Immunisation Statement and a utilities bill from your address. You will then be contacted once the enrolment period is open.

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