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Technologies at Aveley Primary School reflects the Western Australian Curriculum (SCSA). As of 2018 Design Technologies and Digital Technologies will be taught and integrated into each year groups curriculum as well as reported on each semester.

What is Design Technology?

Design Technologies allows students to use their knowledge, understandings and skills to design solutions to problems across a range of technologies contexts.

These contexts are:

  • Food and Fibre
  • Engineering
  • Materials
  • Food Specialisation (Year 5 and 6 only)

These problems cater for children to create the solutions using the following process:
1.  Investigating and Defining
2. Designing
3. Producing and Implementing
4. Evaluating
5. Collaborating and Managing

As well as this they consider the economic, environmental, social impacts and the ethical, legal, aesthetic and functional factors. These create and manage projects, independently and collaboratively.

What is Digital Technology?

Digital Technologies uses children’s skills and understanding to develop their computational thinking and key concepts such as: data collection, representation and interpretation. They use this knowledge to create digital solutions using digital systems. This can be done by writing down solutions or using devices/robots to demonstrate a solution.


ICT is one of Western Australia’s Curriculum’s (SCSA) general capabilities which ensures that teachers will integrate and embed the use of of ICT throughout the entire curriculum by using it in their classrooms daily.

Ways our staff embed Technology may be and are not limited to:
Using QR codes
– Using platforms such as SeeSaw or Google Classroom to present work
– Using apps to meet a Learning Objective e.g. Creating a movie or brainstorm
– Coding robots to achieve a Learning Objective

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program

Here at Aveley PS, students in Years 3 – 6 have an opportunity to participate in a BYOD Program.  All children in years 3 – 6, are invited to take part in the BYOD program.  Students who are unable to take part for any reason, will still have the opportunity to access shared devices (when one is available) at school.

 In order for this program to be successful in the classroom, children’s devices need: a camera and  a minimum screen size of 7.9 x 9.7 inches. We also ask that students back up, to a computer, any personal photos and videos that need not be shared at school, all material on the device needs to be appropriate for school.

As outlined in the ICT ACCEPTABLE USAGE POLICY (3-6) completed in 2016 by previous students or on enrolment for students who have commenced at our school since then, please be advised:

  • Aveley Primary School takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal mobile learning devices and/or accessories.
  • Any damage or loss will be the sole responsibility of the parent. As is the case with other personal property, if damage is caused by another student, the issue will be directed to both students’ families to be resolved.
  • Any loss, damage or theft should be reported to the school immediately.

Devices proven to be successful on our school’s network include Chrome Books, iPads and Samsung Tablets.

Apps are dependant on the child’s year group. Please see classroom teachers for more information. Teachers incorporate these devices into their everyday teaching and learning programs.

What do I buy?

We encourage parents to buy what they think is suitable for their child and price range.
With JB Hi-Fi we have set up a parent portal to access a range of devices which meet the specifics of devices we require at our school. We do suggest you shop around though and find the best deal possible. School Code: AveleyPS2018 

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is an after school club run by three passionate teachers. It runs each week of the school Term from 3 pm – 5pm in Grevillea 7. All children from Years 2 – 6 are invited to attend and participate. This time allows students to learn to code, create apps or games, create inventions and explore technology in an informal, creative and social environment.

Websites and apps used in Coder Dojo are but not limited too: Scratch, hourofcode and Minecraft. As well as a range of apps used to program our robots which include: Makey Makey, Dash and Dot, Spheros and Beebots.

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