Teaching Staff

Meet the wonderful staff of Aveley Primary School. Teaching

Teaching Staff


Kindy A & B Kim Collins Year 3 Ashleigh Dunning
Kindy C & D Cheryl Young Year 3 Mary-Lyne de Vries
Kindy E Rebekah Martin Year 3 Marion Davidson
Pre-Primary Emma Hoskins Year 3 Vicki Healey
Pre-Primary Lyndall Griffiths Year 4 Tania Spagnol
Pre-Primary Jessica Halls Year 4 Helen Smith
Pre-Primary Rachael Rhodes Year 4/5 Sharon Hewitt
Year 1 Liz Palfreyman Year 4/5 Julien Coci
Year 1 Nives Pushnick Year 5 Deb Greenwood
Year 1 Emma Berry Year 5 Meghan D’Arcy
Year 1 Rachel Sandell Year 6 Gosia Watson
Year 1 Tonny Dielesen Year 6 Stephanie Williamson
Year 2 Aimee Davies Tara Salinas Phys Ed. Mitchell Harvie
Year 2 Robin Boardman LOTE Bee Yuen Yang
Year 2 Sharon Lintern Music Chris Spencer
Year 2 Ellie Macaulay Art Tanya Solig
Year 3 Kaila Hudson ECE DOTT Amanda Forbes/Dawn Farr

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  1. Hello,

    Im looking at enrolling my son in Kindy for 2017, i have noticed that some year groups are split between two year groups. Is this because the school is fairly new and student numbers are still being built up or is this something that is going to stay?


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